About the Club

Park Beach Bowls Club (PBBC) was formed in 1959 and operated from a marquee until funding was available to build the first clubhouse in November 1960.

PBBC is incorporated under the Companies Code, and as such is governed by its Constitution. The clubs primary aims and objectives as detailed in the constitution are summarised as follows;

“to promote and conduct the game of bowls and such other sports, games, amusements, entertainments, pastimes and recreations, indoor and outdoor, as the Board thinks fit”
PBBC Constitution

The operational objectives of PBBC are to increase profits which will in turn provide increased benefits and facilities for the members in line with the company objectives and mission;

  • We will strive to provide, through teamwork and dedication, excellence in service and facilities to ALL members, their guests and visitors to our club.
  • We will be ethical in all business practises and dealings and encourage a high standard through individual recognition.
  • We will support local businesses and the deserving needs of the community by making donations and providing sponsorship to worthy causes.
  • We will promote bowling facilities and encourage involvement in the sport of lawn bowls.
  • Our vision will be achieved through the continued support and commitment of our directors, management and staff.